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Our home health care can help your loved ones heal more comfortably.

Get Well At Home

If you or your loved one is homebound due to surgery, illness, or an accident, home health services promote healing at home with the care of skilled nurses and therapists. This allows the patient to be surrounded by family and friends while in a comfortable and familiar setting.

This could be at their house, in an assisted living facility, or at an adult family home. Our caregivers make recovery at home a worry-free experience. Depending on your loved one‘s needs, Community Home Health & Hospice will provide the necessary care for an improved quality of life.

Home Health Services

From skilled nursing and therapy care to making recommendations on durable medical equipment, the goal of home health care is to keep your loved one out of the emergency room and hospital.

All home health services are required to be performed by skilled professionals and include tasks such as IV infusion, catheter care, wound care, diagnosis, medication teaching, home safety evaluation and home exercise programs. In addition to nurses and therapists, your home health team includes medical social workers and home health aides.

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Therapy Services

After a debilitating illness or surgery, therapy is often required to support the patient regaining the life they once had. Speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy services can help the patient regain prior function.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists help the patient work with muscle groups responsible for ambulatory movement (walking). Treatment may include designing a home exercise program, safety evaluation, and recommendations of durable medical equipment. Equipment used during therapy may include ultrasounds, kinetic tape, cold laser treatment, and TENS (small electrical nodes).

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists can provide the patient the ability to live independently longer. Occupational therapists may also make cognitive evaluations along with helping patients relearn day-to-day activities. This includes dressing, bathing, writing, communication, using tools, and so on.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists help the patient with language, speaking, and swallowing. These therapists can also perform cognitive evaluations.

Other Health Care Professionals

Beyond skilled nursing, medical social workers and home health aides help support the patient on the road to recovery. Medical social workers can provide the patient access to resources to allow the patient to continue their rehabilitation in a safe environment after home health is no longer required. This may include helping the patient find assisted living facilities, filling out paperwork, counseling, and more.

Home health aides provide many daily services the patient requires based on a plan the skilled nursing professional or therapist recommends. Dressing in the morning or getting ready for bed, bathing and grooming (including oral care), doing laundry, or making a light meal. Home health aides are regularly evaluated by a skilled nurse or therapist.

How to Get Started

Have your loved one request a physician’s referral for home health care. You can discuss Community Home Health & Hospice as an option with the doctor. Medicare and Medicaid typically pay 100% of home health services for those who meet eligibility requirements. Community Home Health & Hospice can also bill private insurance directly.

How to Get Started

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