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Our home care services can help your loved ones live on their own terms.

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Are you concerned about a loved one whose needs or abilities have changed because of advancing age or health issues? Community Home Health & Hospice’s personal care services can provide peace of mind for you while helping your loved one live on their own terms.

These services are proven to reduce accidents and illness as well as boost morale. Select the services needed from the menu below. Care can be provided for a minimum of three hours to around-the-clock:

  • Bathing and Hygiene
  • Dressing and Grooming
  • Housekeeping
  • Companionship
  • Medication Reminders.Medical Care
  • Pet Assistance
  • Meal Prep
  • 24-Hour Care.

Bathing and Hygiene

Bathing can be either stand-by assistance to prevent a fall, or complete assistance when the individual cannot do the task on their own. This also includes bed baths. The individual’s dignity is respected by our experienced staff performing the services.

Hygiene includes toileting on and off, wiping, changing Depends, assisting on and off a commode or urinal. Other tasks include emptying a catheter bag or peri-care (perineal care) to ensure cleanliness and prevent bacterial infection. In some cases, these infections can cause more pressing issues than the illness itself.

Dressing and Grooming

Dressing includes stand-by assistance to prevent falls, or help with cues such as “right arm goes in here, left leg” for individuals with cognitive deficits. We also help patients pick out the clothes they wear if it is required.

If needed, we provide full assistance for those who are bedbound or otherwise physically impaired. Grooming support means making sure the individual is clean. Other daily grooming help includes putting hair in rollers, trimming hair, nail care (both fingers and toes) to ensure the individual is appropriate for an outing or for company.

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For individuals who need a lot of bed rest, we also perform skincare checks, apply lotion and prevent bunched-up clothing that could lead to skin breakdown. Making sure the individual is moved enough during the day helps prevent bedsores and other skin issues.

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Often in-home care is needed for individuals who cannot move or lack the dexterity they once had. If there is no cleaning service in place, Community provides vacuuming, dusting, mopping, dishes and other daily tasks such as changing linens, laundry and organizing items in the kitchen for easy access as well as checking food for expiration.


Although many home care services concentrate on just the physical ailments, we feel emotional care is just as important. Just having a companion nearby can mean the world to some individuals.This could include traveling to the store or restaurant, gardening or setting up Zoom calls.

Medication Reminders/Medical Attention

Individuals who are taking medications are monitored for taking their meds as directed and on time. With expanded care, extra benefits include phlebotomy services, skilled nursing services and nurse delegation for our certified nursing assistants (CNAs). CNAs can assist with disease management such as diabetic insulin injections and blood sugar testing, eye drops and weight or fluid management for individuals with congestive heart failure. Other types of care such as pre-and-post surgery care, may be required depending on the need.

Pet Assistance

We can feed, water and walk the pet as well as schedule appointments and take them to the groomers. Learn more about our Pet Peace of Mind program.

Meal Preparation

This can be done daily or in bulk for later consumption. Some individuals will have our staff come by twice a week and make five days’ worth of meals during their visit. Others will have morning visits only or evening visits for daily meal prep.

24-Hour Care

We provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can do night shifts, day shifts and anything in between as well as holidays and weekends. We understand every situation is different whether families are nearby or hundreds of miles away. We work with each individual to set a schedule that is best for all concerned.

In addition to home care services, Community Home Health & Hospice offers home health care, hospice care services, and free grief support.

How to Get Started

We make it easy to plan for your loved one’s independence. We will meet with you and your loved one to determine their needs, then develop an individualized program to keep them safe at home.

Home care services are covered by some long-term care insurance providers and private insurers.

Call for a free at-home consultation: (360) 425-8477 for Cowlitz County and (360) 253-5002 for Clark County.

How to Get Started

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