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Register a Child for Grief Support

Teens (Middle School – High School aged) face special challenges in grieving because they are still maturing mentally and emotionally. At a time when they want to be just like their friends, losing a loved one makes them very different. At the teen grief support group, they can connect with other teenagers who understand what they are going through. In the group, teens enjoy playing pool, socializing, recreational activities and outings along with having a “safe” place and people to express their thoughts.

Children (K – 5th Grade) have group meetings specifically designed for their developmental levels. Through activities, crafts and directed play, an environment is created allowing them to identify and express their experience of loss. As with the older students, children often feel alienated at school or with friends who are not able to relate to what the child is experiencing. The Children’s group is an opportunity for the child to relax and be with others who know and understand

A Parent/Guardian Group meets at the same time as the Youth Group meets. Parents and Guardians often are not only having their personal grief emotions, they are also carrying concern for how their children are doing (or are not doing in some cases) with their loss. Parents/Guardians benefit from the shared understanding of other participants and from practical suggestions shared in the group. A parent or guardian is required to stay on site while their child is in a group.

Children and teens who have been a part of the youth meetings over the year may participate in Camp Cedars, free of charge. This is a 3-day residential camp in August. These services help children learn how to share their feelings and cope with grief and loss. Through remembering activities and creative play, children learn to talk about their grief in safe ways.

Childrens Intake Form

Requirement for children's bereavement program.
  • Bereavement History

    Please include as many details as possible when answering the following questions.

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