My job is my calling

‘My job is my calling’

Dormalee Earl, MSW

Growing up, Dormalee Earl, MSW, always wanted to be a social worker. Her life was wrought with tragedy through the loss of her brother, father and husband, but it wasn’t until her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and became a patient with Community that she finally answered her calling. At age 50, Dormalee returned to school to become a Medical Social Worker.

“It all fell into place as if it was totally meant to be,” Dormalee said of her dream come true.

In her 16 years at Community, Dormalee has touched the lives of countless families. In 2019 she was named twice through the Grateful Hearts program. Mr. William Morvee, a Grateful donor, spoke of Dormalee’s ability to foster deep connection.

“I love Dormi. She’s such a good listener and has a unique way of getting things out of me that I wouldn’t have expected to share,” he said with a laugh. Dormalee has been working with Mr. Morvee and his wife Sharon at their Longview home for 19 months.

“It’s rewarding to assist families and patients with end of life care including community resources … and emotional support in a difficult time,” she said.

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