Hospice: give your loved one quality time

Hospice care gives your loved one the gift of quality time. Time to connect with family and friends. Time to create good memories.  Time without pain.

Your loved one will receive skilled nursing care wherever they live—including medications and equipment related to their hospice diagnosis—as well as emotional, social and spiritual support.

Naturally, your loved one’s doctor will be an important member of the Community Hospice team. Our team includes physicians, nurses, medical social workers, spiritual counselors, home health aides and trained volunteers.

How to get started.

Have your loved one request a physician’s referral for hospice care. While it’s never an easy discussion, early referrals are proven to benefit patients. The sooner we start caring for your loved one, the longer they may enjoy a greater quality of life. Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurers typically pay 100% of hospice services for those who meet eligibility requirements

See how we compare.

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