Hospice Care Centers

There are two inpatient hospice care centers to serve you; located in Longview and Vancouver. Homelike settings provide around-the-clock medical care for when help is needed to manage symptoms or for respite care. Family, friends and pets are always welcome. Each private room has a comfortable area for guests and private access to beautifully landscaped garden areas. Visitors enjoy cooking and dining areas, convenient on-site parking, and areas for children as well as many other amenities.

How to get started.

Hospice services require a referral from a medical provider. Ask your primary care provider for a referral to Community Hospice. Our knowledgeable referral center staff can answer questions regarding eligibility and how to get started. 877.541.4108 option 1

Wooden and white metal bench nestled among bushesLongview: 

1035 11th Avenue, Longview, WA 98632


map and directions

stone fountain surrounded by greeneryVancouver:

3102 NE 134th Street, Vancouver, WA 98686


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