Camp Cedars

Camp Cedars helps children continue their grief work in a supportive, camp environment. Facilitated by trained staff, camp activities include, talking circles, art, games and storytelling. Camp Cedars is part of Community Hospice’s children’s grief support program.

Camp Cedars was started in 2000 to give grieving children (ages 5 – 13) a residential camp experience in the restorative backdrop of nature. Camp Cedars is free to children currently enrolled in Community’s bereavement program. The bereavement program is open to any child in the community whose loved one has died, not just hospice families. Death may have been the result of natural causes, an accident, violence or suicide.

How does grief camp help?

Children who have experienced the death of a loved one often feel isolated. Camp allows children a chance to connect with peers who have had similar experiences, feelings and emotions in a safe and supportive environment. Often a sense of relief comes from knowing that there are other children that feel the same way.

Early loss has lifelong consequences.

Grieving over the loss of a loved one is universal. While grief can be debilitating at any age, it’s particularly devastating for children. Unresolved childhood grief can lead to academic, relationship and health problems that may persist into adulthood. One out of 20 children ages 15 and younger will suffer the loss of one or both parents. Teens have a five times greater risk of suicide following the death of a parent. We know from our Longview grief center that youth who receive early grief intervention learn how to cope and build inner strength.

Fun and learning at Camp Cedars.

The grief professionals and specially trained volunteers bring fun while helping the kids in a caring, compassionate and understanding environment. Some of the activities may include: crafting, music, campfires, reflection and self-esteem & team building.

For more information or to enroll a child in our bereavement program, contact or call 360.703.0300.

This video was presented at our 2015 charity care fundraiser. The children’s grief program was featured, as it is funded by charity care dollars.